Research and technology transfer

Thanks to the activity of more than 400 teachers and researchers, UniGe is an international leader in research and technology transfer on the sea.

A study published in 2018 in the International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics cites UniGe as one of the 10 best Universities in the world in the field of maritime research, in particular on:

  • Sea-going, robotic and underwater vessels
  • Maritime transport systems, logistics, and port economics
  • Coastal and off-shore infrastructures
  • Biology, marine ecology and biotechnologies
  • Marine and coastal environments
  • Sea energy resources
  • Tourism and cruising
  • Sea sport and recreational motor activity within the marine environment
  • Maritime and seafaring Law
  • History and cultures of the sea

UniGe is a partner of many international and national research and technology transfer networks, including:

With 49 spin-offs, 20 of which operating in sea-related sectors, UniGe boasts an intense technology transfer activity and is the second University in Italy as far as active spin-offs are concerned.


Check out the thematic catalogue that collects UniGe's research fields, innovative technologies, patents and start ups in the Blue Economy field

Last update 21 December 2022