Measurement of Sea Waves

This paper offers a survey on the measurement of sea waves, based on a seminar organized in collaboration with the Genoa Blue District, and presents the most important methods of measuring sea waves, such as buoys, satellite observation, coastal radar and on-board or land observations, using seismometers. For each technique, the functioning, development and future prospects are explained, envisaging greater integration between local and global networks.

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Measurement for the Sea

This book, based on the success of the MetroSea congress experience, offers an anthology of tutorials on the topic of sea measurement and monitoring, for the protection of the marine environment and the development of the blue economy. Starting from marine hydrology and meteorology, metrological aspects such as calibration and traceability are examined , for physical and chemical quantities concerning the sea. Advanced instrumental techniques are treated as well, such as underwater acoustics, "remote sensing", wave and sea level measurement, monitoring networks, marine geology and monitoring of animal species, also considering the economic and legal aspects of navigation metrology. This multidisciplinary approach makes the book interesting for a wide audience of scientists, engineers, economists and their students.

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Last update 20 December 2022